Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The big stash flash!

This represents a healthy chunk of my stash. Yarn that is already designated for a specific project and various works in progress are not included in these storage containers. The Pearl Buck Swing Jacket is one of those, as is the yarn for the Green Gable (mine will be rust). I do love sock yarn as well so I've pictured some of it in a closeup.

The sock in process in the front is for That Guy. The lovely yarn cakes in the front left are some Lornas Laces that I'm looking forward to knitting up, and the rest is Regia purchased in Deutschland! Notice the distinctive red, yellow, and black for the German flag? It's self striping! I purchased enough to knit socks for myself and a scarf for my dad. I do have a couple of non-wool wearing friends, both with legitimate dermological excuses. One I've knit socks for from the wonderful cotton/lycra yarn that you can purchase from Carolyn at Greenwood Fibers on Etsy.com. (Sorry I'm not providing links yet! I'm working my way bit by bit through Bloggers Help section. I'm just old enough that we were still using card catalogues in the high school library even in senior year. The only computer we had at home at that time was an old Atari - you know the kind that came with huge game cartridges that you actually stuck into the keyboard? Asteriods was the coolest game and the spaceship was just that little triangle?).
There's been continued progress on the log cabin rug and Bevo hoodie, although I had to take two steps back on the Bevo. I had started the chart several rows later then I should have and as a result his horns ended up a tad shorter. The raglan sleeve decreases cut off the ends of them before I could complete the chart. Now, I considered at the time of this mistake ripping the whole thing back. I didn't for one of two reasons, 1) I thought no one but me would probably ever notice so maybe I should look the other way on this one - only Allah is perfect, right? or 2) it was on the return flight from Germany, I'd been knitting the back for nine hours straight and jet lag was already setting in. Either way, I broke down the other night and let my inner perfectionist take over. Really, the ripping was much less painful than I thought it would be. Also, I finished reknitting the entire chart last night and will be finished with the rest of the back tonight and ready to move on to sleeves!

Only two more nights without That Guy - Thank goodness! My sleeping patterns are all out of whack and last night all three cats were acting crazy. Last night when I was trying to fall asleep they kept tearing through the apartment, and then they were all jockeying for the best position on the bed. The problem was that they couldn't seem to decide which was the best place. It's a good thing they're all so cute!


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Your yarn pictures rock my world Linkenlog!!!!


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