Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As promised, FO's

As promised from the previous post - some FO's. Okay, so this sock does not appear to be an FO, but trust me, it is now. See what I mean about this yarn? Very fun, very colorful and bright, but I don't wear much pink or yellow. Kim on the other hand does so yeah! They were a good match.

Okay, so this isn't a knitted item. But go back a few posts and you'll find a picture of me in a fitting for this costume. Here is the final product, minus the finishing closures. Just as a reminder, this costume was worn for four separate performances by four different dancers. Crazy. I've got some pictures of the multitude of closures and I'm considering a contest of sorts. More on that to come.

Kate the Cat with Britches! This little kitty made me laugh so much when I finished her. A friend's daughter was the recipient and from what I can tell she liked it. I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease. It was a fast knit and the Cotton Ease knit up nicely. No splitting, easy on the hands and wrist, and some great colors to choose from.



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