Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back from break

Over Spring Break we did a massive rearrange/reorganization. Actually, we really just finished moving in! We couldn't get in to our slanty little house until the weekend after grad school started, and naturally I already had a ton of homework. As a result, we never really got settled in. I constructed this set of shelves for That Guy's keyboards and other music related equipment/accessories. Sort of a late birthday/christmas present (seeing as I was broke at the end of last semester, I didn't get him anything really fantastic at the time.) I called on my past scenography skills and busted out the scale ruler to draft up a plan and figure out how many 4X8 ft. panels of three-quarter inch plywood and lauan I would need. Then, the nice folks at the Home Depot cut my pieces for me and I wrestled them together and painted them. I'm happy with how it came out although I couldn't get all my edges as flush as I wanted them. You can't tell with it painted though. It works just fine for how little it cost.

That Guy concocted a plan for green beer on St. Paddy's Day and we made a fire later - fun fun.

I managed to capture this really sweet picture of Kitty (actually named Lilly, but we've always just called her Kitty - I don't even think she knows her real name anymore). She is most definitely That Guys cat. I swear the look on her face here is, "Back off lady, he's mine!"


At 4:23 PM , Anonymous kelp! said...

Those shelves turned out awesome - I'm so impressed that you made them! You go girl!


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