Friday, January 26, 2007

Schaffer Anne

Feast your eyes on the delicious Schafer Anne yarn that I received via a swap of sorts from Kelly at Kelp!. If you haven't checked out her site you ought to. She takes really great pictures of her work - very good light in them. Not like mine. I have little patience when photographing. I'll have to work on that because this photo doesn't do the Anne justice.

Anyway, Kelly has been working on an Asymmetrical Cardigan from Knitting Nature in Malabrigo (I'm astounded at the rate she cranks things out). I too love love love the Malabrigo and have accumulated three skeins intended for a shibori knitting project. She lamented the possibility of being a skein short so I offered to check an Indiana knit shop if she could send me a swatch. For those of you with Malabrigo experience, you know how varied the kettle dyed skeins can be, even those belonging to the same colorway. She was only finding darker ranges than what the project consisted of, but Cass Street Depot turned up as close a match as I could have hoped for. For my efforts I have been handsomely rewarded with this amazing colorway of Anne, of which I am currently very enamored with. Anne is not available locally, so it is rather precious to me. I'm on the hunt for a fantastic lace stole that will show it to it's greatest advantage. If anyone has any personal faves let me know.

The experience of this exchange reinforces some things about the bond shared by Knitters. As much as we want to hoard all the yarn for ourselves, we also delight in assisting a fellow Knitter in the search for yarn. In the same vein, we enjoy giving yarn to a fellow Knitter, since we know they will appreciate it for it's squooshy goodness and knitting potential. It can't hurt to have good fiber kharma!



At 5:58 PM , Blogger h said...

Wow! I just love these colors. The yarn looks almost like hair.


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