Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm still standing...

Well, I made it through the first week of life after saying goodbye to Remus (see previous post). I'm still standing. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and picked out some sage bushes, a plumbago, and some succulents to plant on his final resting spot. Thanks to the rocky nature of central Texas soil we were able to collect plenty of rocks to landscape the area. As the plants grow he'll be with us. We're happy with how it turned out.

It hasn't been all tears though. The Friday evening prior to that fateful day I had my first fitting for my show project this semester, and it went just about as well as I could have hoped for. Last Wednesday I also had a large project due in Design Studio and I managed to get it finished on time and was complimented for my strong work on it.

I also finished this pair of socks over the weekend. They are a commissioned pair for a colleague's mother. They will be a birthday present. The yarn is some that I bought in Germany - I forget the brand name, but I remember I bought it in a stationary shop, and it is named for a province in Canada.

What is this you ask? This is my grieving yarn. There is a new yarn shop in Austin called Gauge Knits which That Guy took me to yesterday. It may seem silly, but yarn is a great comfort to me. I always try to visit yarn shops while on vacation and inevitably purchase some souvineer yarn. When I do get around to making something from it I remember when and where I bought it and the memories associated with it.

In this case, I think I will make a mobius type scarf out of this lovely stuff. When it gets chilly (for all of two days here) I will wear it and think of my Reemy. It is handspun by, whom I hear is a local Austinite. So cool, and I love her bird label also.



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