Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Words cannot express...

When I took this photo back in February here in Austin, Texas, I was moved at this rally to believe that this could truly happen.  But it wasn't real until tonight.  It wasn't real until I heard John McCain speak.  It wasn't real until our next President, Barack Obama, took to the stage in Grant Park to address the nation.  And it wasn't real until I saw my home state of Indiana in the most remarkable color - blue.  I am overwhelmed and overjoyed.

Yes, we did!

Now it's time to get work.  
I'm in- are you?

PS Will this be one of those moments in history when you remember where you were?  My oldest sister was in Grant Park tonight.  I was actually working in the shop at school, thinking that it would take longer for the returns to come in.  Not so.  She called me not 10 minutes after I'd checked the maps to tell me the numbers just went up in the park and I could here the people cheering.  Unbelievable!  Most of us working cleared out - I wanted to hear the speeches with Jeremy.  And now, frankly, I'm exhausted.  I can't imagine how Barack must feel!

Good night all, and god bless!