Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back from break

Over Spring Break we did a massive rearrange/reorganization. Actually, we really just finished moving in! We couldn't get in to our slanty little house until the weekend after grad school started, and naturally I already had a ton of homework. As a result, we never really got settled in. I constructed this set of shelves for That Guy's keyboards and other music related equipment/accessories. Sort of a late birthday/christmas present (seeing as I was broke at the end of last semester, I didn't get him anything really fantastic at the time.) I called on my past scenography skills and busted out the scale ruler to draft up a plan and figure out how many 4X8 ft. panels of three-quarter inch plywood and lauan I would need. Then, the nice folks at the Home Depot cut my pieces for me and I wrestled them together and painted them. I'm happy with how it came out although I couldn't get all my edges as flush as I wanted them. You can't tell with it painted though. It works just fine for how little it cost.

That Guy concocted a plan for green beer on St. Paddy's Day and we made a fire later - fun fun.

I managed to capture this really sweet picture of Kitty (actually named Lilly, but we've always just called her Kitty - I don't even think she knows her real name anymore). She is most definitely That Guys cat. I swear the look on her face here is, "Back off lady, he's mine!"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

What's happening...

So much! Life has been a little topsy turvy of late but ultimately the things that are happening are necessary and for the best. In many ways, things are better now than they were before. I'm learning more about myself and growing as a result of it, so all in all things are good.

This semester is better also. I knew that last fall would be crazy intense, but it's only now that I'm realizing how crazy it was. I've adjusted so this semester is better. I find that I have more time for myself. You might think that this would mean more knitting. Not so. It actually means that I have enough time to do all the other things that I let go last semester. Like doing my laundry on a regular basis (and not just when I need clean underwear), washing the dishes, cleaning the cat box, practicing yoga, jogging, reading, and reconnecting with That Guy. As far as knitting goes, most of my sock knitting takes place in a class I have at 8am. Don't worry, I'm still taking notes and paying attention, but this class is a bit torturous. It's a class that is mostly review for me AND predominantly slides. This means that at 8am I'm sitting in a dark room looking at slides. If I didn't knit I would fall asleep!

There is a shawl that I periodically work on for my big sis, but it requires a certain amount of time in each sitting, so I save it for when I know I have a chunk of time to devote to it. Thankfully she gave me an open ended deadline on it! Still, I hope to have it done before cold weather hits next fall. Seeing as it is a black shawl, you may be wondering what I'm knitting in the above photo. You see, I was too anxious about my 2nd sis's baby to knit anything for it until it was born. My niece was born at home with a midwife, so they didn't know until then whether she was a she! We all wanted it to be a girl, but my brother-in-law's family had been producing boys for something like 18 years, so I was loathe to jinx it by knitting something pink, but I didn't want to knit anything yellow or green. Now that Elsa has joined us though, I am free to knit as I please. These pieces will go into a baby blanket composed of rectangles of various shades of pink, a very pale green, and some purple to sew it together and knit a border. I'm knitting it out of a Classic Elite yarn that is a cotton/tencel blend - the tencel makes it super soft!