Saturday, June 17, 2006

Log Cabin progress

As promised here is some progress on the recycled sweater cotton log cabin. I love the variegated quality of these yarns. I'm using a book to display it on the porch railing so as to catch the last of the sunlight.

It's a large coffee table book that I fell in love with one night at the book store. That Guy went back and purchased it for a gift sometime thereafter. It's all aerial photography of the earth - really beautiful photos. It's a feast of color and texture for the eye and I often turn to it for inspiration. Here's one of the photos.

The caption for this photo reads,
"In rhythm with the tides, sea water floods along the branches of the Ord River, in northwest Australia, far into the flood plains, and then drains off again. The mangrove forests on the river bank are unharmed by the alternating drought and flood, salt and fresh water, as long as the water temperature remains stable at around 24 degrees centigrade. Roughly 60 different types of evergreens keep a grip in the soft mud thanks to their stilt roots. They are also hardy when reproducing; their sprouts can float around in the sea for as much as a year before taking root on another coast or coastal river bank."

-Photo by Bernhard Edmaier, text by Angelika Jung-Huettl, Earthsong

Whenever my life gets hectic I find myself wanting to do two things - spend time in nature, mainly hiking or biking, sometimes swimming - or knitting. If it weren't so hot all the time in Austin I 'd knit more outside!


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