Friday, October 05, 2007

Layover schmayover...

I am in Oklahoma City. It is not yet 10am. I arrived here at 8am from an early morning flight out of Austin. My flight for Albuquerque departs at 2pm. LAYOVER!

Layovers are not always bad. I have plenty of reading to do. I have a design assignment that references Flannery O'Connor's short stories, so I have brought this book along. And clearly, I have gone so far as to pay for the Wifi here at OKC.

I am going to Albuquerque to meet up with my parents and our friends from Germany to fly and crew and most likely partake in alcoholic beverages of the beer nature. Fly as in hot air ballons. Ya'll may recall that my dad is a pilot. These are the German friends that my dad met at the Albuequerque International Balloon Fiesta some 6 years ago. I had the joy of meeting them on the trip I took with my dad to their neck of the woods. Anyway, since I'll be in New Mexico with Germans, I figured it was pretty safe to let my inner geek shine through and bust out the sandals with handknit socks look. As for my parents, they have to love me regardless of how dorky I am.

We all know that layovers are also great for knitting! This is the Adamas shawl that I am knitting for the big sister. The yarn is Jaeger Alpaca 4-ply, and the color is actually black even though it is showing up grey in the sunlight here.

The next post will be all about ballooning. Brace yourselves for color!


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