Saturday, June 17, 2006

Irish Yarn!

That Guy returned from Ireland late Wednesday and look at all the beautiful yarn he brought back for me! When I was driving him to the airport the week before I told him that if all he brought back for me was a lovely skein of souvenir yarn, I would be happy. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I discovered he was making quite an effort to find me not just any yarn, but good yarn. He was also very keen on it being Irish yarn, from Ireland specifically (I know, he's such a keeper!). He was telling me this over the phone and I practically swooned, but then quickly reminded him not to turn down any fun activities in order to take the train 40 minutes to a seaside town in order to get good yarn. Lucky for me, oops, I mean for him, the seaside town was just the right type of fun he was looking for that last day on the Emerald Isle. Sure, the Jaeger comes from England, but they're neighbors, right? I haven't thought up projects for all of it yet but the navy tweed may be used for a baby project of some sort - the second sister called yesterday to say that they are expecting their second child early next year!
I've pictured the two new skeins of Jaeger next to an older one that I bought several years ago at Arcadia Knits in Chicago, IL. Hopefully I'll think up some way to use them together.
And what is this lonely ball of Sugar N'Cream up to? See the single strand of yellow? That was the color before I dyed it. Sunny, happy yellow. Now it is a rich shade of rust. Too bad I can't tell you what it is for! It will be part of a present so until it's finished I can't go in to detail. I've included it here because I was so pleased with how the dye job turned out.

Tomorrow I'll post on the progress of the recycled cotton log cabin rug.


At 8:37 AM , Blogger Jeanne said...

Mmm -- I did my Pearl Buck Swing Jacket in Extrafine Merino, and it is wonderful! Congratulations!


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