Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What I've been up to...

Knitting as many of these cotton warshrags as my hands could stand to make. As I mentioned before they were getting a little achy. They all came out quite nice and my coworkers liked them alot. One of my favorites is the lime green with orange which I gave to my buddy Derek. It was a happy accident to discover that orange is his favorite color! He got the Vogue Stitchionary book for me - I can't wait to have fun with that.
Saturday evening I spent some time with my friend Noelle. She lives in the neighborhood that That Guy and I will move into in September and we're super pysched about being neighbors. We like to take walks together. It nice to have a friend that enjoys getting some exercise! She had just bought these new gym shoes that day and in a fit of silliness we became convinced that we needed to document their unsullied shiny newness in a, "Still Life with knitting, gym shoes, and candle," photo.
I had my last day at the theatre on Sunday and it was truly bittersweet. I rejoiced that I was doing my last load of laundry for wardrobe but lamented leaving the shop. When I started the job it was so exciting to have a space, a shop, that I could call my own. Now I'll have to share. The other sadness is that I really like my coworkers, and in particular there was one that I didn't really get to say goodbye to, which is Shannon. Now, everyone in a nonprofit works hard, but as the Production Manager Shannon has a true grab bag of responsibilities and she really holds all the production departments together. She also has absolutely the biggest heart of anyone I know and I'll miss seeing her on a regular basis.
Work was not the only thing I said goodbye too. I also said Auf Wiedersehn to The Meeper. I did not give my car this name but rather it came with it, and now I have sold my loyal Meeper. We did let his new owner know about the promise I made it. When the car reached 100,000 miles I promised it that if it made it to 200,000 miles I would give it a Valhalla sendoff - I'd set it on fire and push it off a cliff into the ocean. I don't know exactly how I thought I'd manage this, and I'm sure I would have had to go to Mexico in order to get away with it, but it's a romantic idea to me. Selling the car was intentional - I won't have to buy gas and I'll get used to getting around other ways. UT has a great shuttle system and you can't park anywhere in the interior of the campus without paying through the nose at the parking garage, and even the permit parking is a hike to the theatre building.
Eventually we might get one of these little cuties. Meet the eGo scooter. It's electric and gets you 25 miles on a fully charged battery. It's still considered a bike so you don't have to get a special liscense or insurance. It's top speed is 25 miles/hour which is just fine with me because really, any faster and it would be a motorcycle and I really don't want to go that fast. While Austin is a "bike friendly" city it's still can be a dangerous place on a bike of any sort. You've got to stay off the main roads and take the neighborhood streets, wear a helmet, don't wear earphones or talk on your phone (I have seen people doing this!), and ride defensively at all times.
Regardless I can take the shuttle - then I can knit on my way to campus!


At 12:48 PM , Anonymous kristin said...

That e-go is adorable! I think you're tempting me.

At 2:24 PM , Blogger SwampDaddy said...

oh, get a car ya damn hippie! just kidding. I'm thinking of doing the same thing.


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