Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Wednesday

I am so close to finishing all the knitting on the Longhorn hoodie! I'll have to finish seaming the side seams and weave in all the ends, but as this is my first sweater I'm very excited to complete it. That Guy has a band gig at 8pm so this will be a short post with somewhat superficial content. Like this picture of the youngest of our three cats, Remus. Remus is demonstrating proper form for "half-moon kitty," to borrow from the wonderful Wendy and her lovely cat, Lucy.
I do sometimes spin and have two drop spindles. While I like the Schacht pictured here, I have another lighter weight spindle that was an eBay purchase and came from overseas that I prefer to use.
These are some yummy merino rovings, also an eBay purchase. There was a third that was a lovely muted lavender colorway which I spun in a long and thick slub and knit into this scarf which I gave to a good friend in Germany.
That's all for today! I've got an hour that I can spend on the Longhorn so I'm going to take advantage of it.


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