Sunday, June 25, 2006

Longhorn hoodie progress

The Longhorn hoodie is blocked! I finished the second sleeve over a couple of evenings instead of one as the pain from getting my wisdom teeth out actually got worse and I barely even felt like knitting, let alone anything else. Apparently the third and fourth days are the worst as the sockets are starting to really close up. I last posted on Thursday mid-morning and by that evening...WHOA! It was pretty rough until this morning. I have to agree with my mom that when the pain is in your mouth it's tough to ignore! I really underestimated how much it would compromise my ability to be productive (I still needed to go to work each day to take care of laundry for the shows, check email, etc.) - the hoodie being the exception. At the end of the past couple of days it was nice to sit down and actually get something done.
Today I managed not only to go to work and be productive, and this evening I seamed the raglan sleeves to the fronts and back and pick up the stitches for the hood (I safety pinned the side seams for the photo). I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish this up in a weeks time and so I can cast on for Pearl Buck! There's a alot to catch up on at work, and we start rehearsals this week for our next production so I'm so thankful that this pain has subsided. Plus, I'm looking forward to food that is a little more solid!


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