Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Indiana Vacay

Howdy Ya'll! I'm having a great time in Indiana visiting with family and friends and getting a good chunk of knitting done. Every time I've tried to upload a photo from my folks computer though it does not comply so I guess that will have to wait until next Tuesday when I get back. I stayed over one night in Chicago when I flew in and my friend Rebekah finished the scarf that she and I began back on a trip in January. We all know how long a scarf can drag on! It's lovely, she's quite proud, and she's started on hats that are knit in the round.

I started my Charlotte's Web shawl on the plane. This is one that I'd like to finish on this trip. So far I had to start it three times, tink alot in the first 30 rows, and then finally the pattern started to click and things have gone well (knock on wood) up through row 94. I can see why so many people liked it and made one for themselves. My colors move from purple to purple/blue, blue, blue/yellow, and the bottom edge will be yellow. I may do something more on the edge, we'll see.

I also cast on a Widdershins sock in my Hill Country Yarns Hook 'Em Horns colorway from the current issue of Knitty and so far I'm loving this pattern. I want to use every bit of yarn but love my socks with a heel flap and I think this pattern will solve that dilemna.

Also on the needles: the first of many Christmas presents. A Mommy Snug sweater for my sister. I'm just about done with the button placket section of the front and getting close to my first short rows.

And there has still been time for visiting! Several nice dinners with my parents and my friend Renee and her family. Renee's daughter, Lauryn, and I have done some sewing. There's been lots of hanging out and today I'm off to spend the afternoon with That Guy's nieces, nephew, and my future mother-in-law. Then we're having a sleep over. Remember sleep overs?



At 10:44 PM , Blogger Rebekah said...

Let me just say that Sarah is a wonderful teacher and I had to call her with a knitting emergency regarding my "hats in the round" and her patience and guidance over the phone was astounding. I love my scarf, my hats are coming along (although I have some questions about switching to circulars) and Sarah is a dear, dear friend to help me through my amateur knitting foibles. Much love!

At 12:14 PM , Blogger Tina said...

Sarah, I SWEAR I have your stichmarkers. I kept forgetting them when I went to the post office, and now you're on vacation so I don't want the to arrive when you aren't home. And now I can't find your address (and last name...) so can you please email that to me? Also, when were you moving, and should I just wait and send them to the new address? Let me know what's going on.

I even have a picture of them on my blog (


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