Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yeah, pictures!

Finally pictures are downloading!
My Charlotte's Web shawl. It was sort of an Indiana vacation knitting olympic project. I cast-on on the plane and finished knitting the last row as my return flight taxied to the gate! Here it is blocking...
And here is a close-up.
This is a picture of myself and my friend Rebekah at the Chix with Sticks yarn shop in Forest Park, IL. I got a fun magnet that just says "K1P1." I'm slapping it on the scooter as soon as we get it.
Last, but never ever least, here is Lauryn with her super cool crocheted Barbie sleeping bag, totally her own creation, complete with pillow.

More pictures to come!


At 6:30 AM , Blogger Monika said...

The Charlottes Web looks great, very impressive for knitting it so fast. So you used Koigu for this??? could you take a picture where I could see the colors better? I have a little Koigu stash and want to knit a shawl rectange or triangel, not sure yet.

At 6:59 AM , Anonymous s t a c i said...

Your Charlotte's Web is beautiful! I love the way the colors came out with the light blue through the center.

At 7:28 AM , Blogger Mel said...

Wow! That is gorgeous.It looks sort of irradescent with those beautiful colors melting into each other..

I have found that the blogger picture loading problem can usually be solved by cleaning out your cookies/cache file...they e-mailed me this suggestion and it worked for me.

At 10:53 AM , Anonymous kelp! said...

The Charlotte's Web turned out awesome! I love the way you changed up the colors. Did you use the Koigu that you bought in the big H?

At 11:09 AM , Anonymous kristin said...

the shawl looks fantastic! I love your choice of colorways

At 6:04 PM , Anonymous Amy said...

I lurve your Charlotte's Web! so very pretty and all colors work so well together!

Thanks for the advice on sewing. I'm probably gonna drag the machine out soon and play with it and then see if I can go visit my Aunt. She sews a lot & should be able to help me learn how to work with a pattern and all. :)

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Christine said...

I *LOVE* your Charlotte's Web! It looks so fantastic. I really liked that pattern; I may need to whip out my other one soon. (Yes, I have yarn for a second one.) I really like the edging that you did - is it crochet?


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