Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Progress on Momma Snug!

I have not yet figured out all the mysteries of Mackie yet, so I beg your forgiveness for this sideways photo of Momma Snug progress. Another student and I took an inpromptu car trip to Houston on Sunday to fabric shop for linings for tailoring class and bonnet fabric (sorry Kelp! - it was a quick turnaround trip so I decided not to bother you but we'll come again I promise). While this pretty much sucked up my Sunday (originally meant for laundry, reading, and knitting) I was the passenger so I got to knit. I made it through the short rows on the front and will close in on the neckline this weekend. I originally projected finishing this by the end of October, but it is probably more realistic to plan for mid-November. Sorry 2nd sis! I'm knitting as fast as I can, I just don't have as much time for it as I used to.
Here is one of the things that is eating up my time. This is the crown on my bonnet, cut out of double buckram and wired. The pins are holding bias tape in place that covers the wire in order to create a smooth edge. I've also got my brim put together and wired so now I'm moving on to covering it in this wonderful stuff called fleecy domite. It softens the shape and makes it nicer when you cover it in fabric.
This is the final paper version of my hat. It was the fourth attempt at the pattern. Creating the pattern for this bonnet was quite a challenge for me but I'm really happy with the results. Once I've got it covered with the domite I'll put a pic up.

The other time sucking class is tailoring, but I'm loving it. It's very precise but you just have to do exactly as instructed. I'll post on that another day.

My little brother turned 27 on Tuesday! Happy birthday Bro!


At 11:09 AM , Anonymous UpNorthMama said...

Wow, I'm amazed you have that much of the snug done! I just blocked the orange cotton sweater I started before your nephew was born:) The cool part is that it not only fits him-it's orange for fall! I'll send a pic. when I've got it on him. That's one hell of a bonnet; will watch the progress. Congrats on Mackie.
Your sis

At 8:53 PM , Anonymous kelp! said...

Boo on you for breezing through Houston!

That hat is looking pretty neat-o! Definately post photos when it's done.

At 9:40 PM , Blogger Christine said...

When you come again, will you let me know too? I really want to see you again! (Plus I have prints for you now! Yeah!)

At 10:07 PM , Anonymous Brooke said...

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