Saturday, October 21, 2006

There is knitting in grad school!

Here is a picture of my nephew AJ wearing the sweater I knit for him. How cute is he?! I actually knit this back when he was just a bump in my 2nd sis's belly, but he can finally wear it now!
There has been creeping progress on three knitted items I am working on. Renee's sock #1 has passed the gusset decreases and is marching on towards the toe. I've been comissioned to knit a pair of delivery room socks after this pair is made. My friend Amy is due at the same time as my 2nd sister (yes, the same one I am knitting Momma Snug for). 2nd sis wore a pair of my handknit socks when my nephew was born and according to her they kept her feet nice and warm so I'd like to do the same for my friend. It happens to be a bonus that Amy has size 6 and a half feet - compared to the many other size 10 feet in my world (myself included!) they should be a breeze. I picked up some fun orange and pink sock yarn at Hill Country Weavers after the South Austin knitting meetup this morning at Cafe Caffeine. I meet several new knitters and got to see Kristin & Caro again.

Caro and I discussed Christine's fantabulous podcast, Pointy Sticks. If you haven't heard it yet do give it a listen. It is quite fun!

I've finished the front of Momma Snug and cast on the back. I am seriously considering making up some sort of cute cap sleeve for this sweater so that I can get it to 2nd sis sometime before she has this baby! The semester is only going to get more crazy and Wisconsin is just going to get colder. I think I could finish the front and back with cap sleeves by the end of November and send it to her. Then I could knit the sleeves by the time I go home over the holidays and maybe even sew them in while I'm home! In the meantime she can wear it as a vest over long sleeve shirts.

What do ya'll think?

The third item in progress is a hat for my brother - his Christmas present. I've actually knit a regular sort of stocking cap for him, but this one has a bill. I'm making it up as I go along and so far so good. Hopefully you can see in my sketches (souped up using Mackie's infrared effect in PhotoBooth) that I'm knitting it with a band for a double layer of thickness around the ears. I also got the idea that rather than using plastic canvas to stiffen the bill I simply went to the Goodwill and bought an existing cap. To make it a little more stylish I cut the brim so it isn't so deep. Then I made my gauge swatch and used knitter's chart paper to figure out the pattern for the bill. I will get to the point where I can insert the bill soon and then I'll post a picture. Right now it doesn't look like much.

On a very different note: I have a friend whose husband is in Iraq in command of a unit. Two of his men were killed this week. I don't know these people or their families, but my heart goes out to them.



At 8:42 AM , Anonymous caro said...

I love my Saturday mornings knitting with the gang. Maybe we'll see you there a little more frequently?

At 10:47 AM , Anonymous Kristin said...

It was great to see you again! Don't be a stranger.


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